Aeration and Seeding in the Spring

What You Need to Know

When Is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

Aeration is the process of pulling plugs out of your lawn to alleviate compaction and allow oxygen to reach the root zone. This process is usually combined with seeding your lawn because it provides the perfect little pockets for seeds to take root. Many people prefer to do this dual task in the autumn because the seeds have the opportunity to go dormant in the ground and quickly sprout when the weather warms again. If you didn’t get the chance to aerate and seed your lawn in the fall, can you achieve the same results by doing so in the spring?

Aeration and Seeding in the Spring: What You Need to Know

Yes, you can aerate and seed in the springtime, too! If you didn’t have the opportunity to before the weather turned last year, it’s extra important now because, after an additional season of snow and use, your lawn is probably suffering from compaction. This will prevent new seeds from taking root, and it won’t allow enough oxygen to reach your already established grass. By seeding now, you will be able to address any areas that may be patchy.

You will want to do this as early as the season as possible, sometime in March, though you have through May to make a difference. Take a look at the weather and ground temperature because it will not be easy to achieve if you try to aerate frozen ground.

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