All About Lawn Grubs

What You Need to Know

Signs of Grubs

Learn all about lawn grubs, from what they are to why they are in your lawn to how to get rid of them.

All About Lawn Grubs

What they are

Lawn grubs are the larvae form of Japanese beetles. They are fat, white, squishy bugs. Full-grown grubs are approximately 2” in length and are white in color, developing a darker tail end as they mature.

Why they are in your yard

Japanese beetles look for a safe place to lay their eggs. Your healthy, luscious lawn looks like a great oasis for food and safety.

The problems they cause

Your lawn will begin to yellow and blades will begin to thin, and the ground might feel spongy. You might even see more moles, birds, and raccoons in your yard. (They are looking for their dinner!)

How to check for grubs

  1. Use a spade to cut out square-foot sections of turf about 2″ to 4″ deep. Choose several locations, especially any that seem to be less healthy than the majority of the lawn.
  2. Pull back the turf to expose the soil below and look for grubs.
  3. Count how many you see in each patch. Less than five grubs per square foot is considered acceptable and not indicative of a bigger problem. If you see more than five grubs, you should consider grub control services.
  4. Replace the grass patches and water well.

How to get rid of them

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting rid of grubs. A granular insecticide can be used, and it should be applied to the damaged patches. As always, use these products according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape Knows All About Lawn Grubs

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