How Much Water Your Lawn Needs

It’s More Than You Think.

Lawn Watering

Your grass needs water and sunshine to thrive. You can’t control how much sun your established grass gets, but you do have some control over the amount of water it receives. While rain can help, you might be surprised to hear summer storms generally aren’t enough to quench your lawn’s thirst.

How Much Water Your Lawn Needs

Different types of grass require different amounts of water. For help determining what type of grass you have, read this post.

During the Growing Season

Your grass prefers long, deep soakings a few times a week (every two to three days) over surface-level watering every day. That is because it’s the roots deep in the soil that need the water—not the grass blades. (No wonder summer showers aren’t adequate!) You need the water to reach 6″ to 8″ down into the soil, equating to about 1.5″ of water per week.

If you want to take into consideration the amount of rain your lawn has received, use a rain gauge to measure the moisture and amount of time it takes for your soil to receive enough water. Establishing a regular watering schedule and checking a watering gauge can help ensure your yard stays well hydrated.

During Winter

In the wintertime while your grass is dormant, your grass only needs water in the case of extreme dryness or drought. Luckily, this scenario is unlikely.

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