How Rodents Get Inside

Entry Points You Should Watch

How Rodents Get Inside

If you hear scurrying in your attic or in your walls or see little droppings here and there, you might be dealing with a rodent problem. Learn how rodents get inside. Hint: they don’t need much space!

How Rodents Get Inside

Rodents don’t need a lot of space to make their way into your home. In fact, you’d think they are quite the contortionists based on the tiny size required for entrance.

  • Mouse: An adult mouse can fit in a space the size of a dime. Yes, that small!
  • Rat: They can fit through holes that are about 20mm, a little smaller than a quarter.
  • Squirrel: They also fit in spaces about the size of a quarter! (Their tails can be quite bushy, which makes them seem bigger than they are.)

Entry Points

  • Your Garage: The dog food left out in your garage is a tempting meal for rodents like mice and rats, and it can encourage them to explore your garage and eventually make their way indoors when they wonder if you have better food inside.
  • Your Attic: If you have holes in your roof, crafty climbers like squirrels and rats can find their way in. Your roof is especially commonplace for the aptly named roof rats. Listen out for scurrying in your attic.
  • Crawlspace vents: Vents normally keep rodents out, but a small hole can let them in. Rats have even been known to chew unsecured areas. Be sure to check them regularly for any signs of disturbance.
  • Electric wire inputs/outputs: When being installed, these areas have to leave a small opening, leaving an area for rodents to slip through. Regularly check for disturbances. It’s always concerning to have a rodent near electrical wires because they are known to gnaw on wires, causing fires.
  • A hole in the foundation: that tiny hole in your siding or foundation might not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a tunnel into a safe haven for mice. Get the appropriate building tools to patch up any areas dime-sized or bigger.

Stop Rodents and Other Pests Before They Invade Your Home

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