How to Control Summer Weeds

Spring Tasks to Keep Weeds Away

Summertime is for hosting barbeques and running around your backyard. With how much time you spend outside, you don’t want your less-than-perfect lawn to be a constant reminder of things on your to-do list. Use these simple tips to control summer weeds.

How to Control Summer Weeds

Prevention Is Key

As with all lawn care, prevention is the easiest way to avoid a weed problem. Herbicides applied earlier in the year can help stave off invasive weeds so they aren’t a problem in the first place.

Weed Manually

When weeds are still young, you can weed manually by pulling out the entire plant (roots included) by hand or using a weeding tool. You must get everything out because any leftover roots can produce new plants. Also, get to the weeds before they flower or go to seed, as your manual efforts may end up spreading the weed even more.

Apply a Herbicide

Sometimes you have to pull out the big guns: herbicides. These chemicals kill the plants all the way down to the roots so they leave your lawn and don’t spread. Be mindful of the one you choose; if you, your family, or your pets spend time in the yard, you want to choose a safe herbicide. As with all chemicals, follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Call Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape to Control Summer Weeds

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