How to Identify Ticks

What Does This Dangerous Pest Look Like?


Ticks are small insects in the Acari order. There are more than 850 known species of ticks. You can find 90 types in the United States. While each species has a little variation, there are many traits they share. It’s important to identify ticks as soon as possible because this petite pest can spread Lyme Disease, a dangerous disease that can cause lifelong issues if not treated promptly.

How to Identify Ticks

  • Size: As larvae, they are about the size of a grain of sand and grow to be the size of an apple seed as an unfed adult.
  • Shape: Flat and oval before feeding
  • Legs: Adults and nymphs have eight while larvae only have six
  • Color: There are many color variations, like gray, brown, black, reddish-brown, and yellowish
  • Wings: None
  • Location: You’ll find them in wooded, brushy areas or places with tall weeds and grasses
  • Appearance after feeding: Ticks become engorged with blood, doubling in size
  • Tick bite: You might find a bull’s eye rash on your skin (though not every bite has this telltale sign)

We Offer Tick Control Services.

Once you identify ticks in your yard, it might be time to keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe from their potentially dangerous bite. That’s why we offer tick control services. Call us today at 765-771-9998 for a free quote.