How to Prevent and Treat Billbugs

What to Know about Keeping This Pest Away


Billbugs are a type of beetle called weevils. They lay eggs on your lawn that hatch into legless larvae (not to be confused with grubs). These larvae destroy your grass blades on the way down and then reach the roots, killing your turf. Clearly, this is not a pest you want in your lawn.

Billbug Prevention

Adult females come to your yard looking for a safe place to lay her eggs. Your tall grass provides the perfect nutrition and hideout! Keeping your lawn at a healthy height can make your yard less ideal than a field or unkempt neighbor’s lawn.

Your best bet for billbug prevention is to use a billbug-specific insecticide. This works to kill larvae before they have the chance to destroy your turf.

Billbug Treatments

You can DIY some lawn pest control, but billbugs are difficult and help from professionals, like Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape, is usually required.¬†Adult billbugs are equipped with a special defense: their armor-like body. Their exoskeleton doesn’t absorb insecticides well, making it challenging to kill the bugs chemically. If you do decide to go with an insecticide, it’s best to attack the spring adults.

A fungal disease, beauveria, has been shown to decrease billbug numbers, though introduction of this disease should not be your only treatment.

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