How to Protect Your Lawn from Heat Stress

What You Can Do

How to Protect Your Lawn from Heat Stress

It’s the hottest time of the year. While you can lather up the sunscreen and take other measures to enjoy the sunny days, your lawn doesn’t have the same luxury of staying safe from sun exposure. You might notice some signs of distress, like brown patches around your lawn and grass that doesn’t spring back quickly after you walk through it. You might not be able to protect your lawn from the sun’s rays, but there are some things you can do to prevent heat stress.

How to Protect Your Lawn from Heat Stress

Water well. Keeping your grass hydrated is critical this time of year. Longer soakings a few times a week are better for your grass than a light watering with your hose every day. Your goal is to ensure the soil around the roots stays moist.

Watch for compaction. Areas of your lawn that are compacted won’t be able to adequately soak up water. If you leave heavy items in your grass or if you take the same shortcut to the front door every day, compaction might contribute to your yard’s heat stress problems.

Give it time. Fortunately, most healthy lawns bounce back after dealing with heat stress. While you might not love the look for now, it might be your best solution.

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