How to Rid Your Lawn of Oxalis


Oxalis is also known as wood sorrel, love plant, false shamrock. It is classified as a weed, but some people like the look of them so much, they plant them purposefully in their yard! This flowering plant has three heart-shaped leaves that resemble a shamrock. Leaves can vary in color, from green to purple to maroon, and they fold down at night. The dainty flowers can be white, yellow, rose, or pink. If oxalis is creeping into your lawn, and you’d like it gone, use these tips to get rid of it.

How to Get Rid of Oxalis

Like many weeds, you can pull oxalis by hand or using a weeding tool. But, you have to be careful! If you don’t take out the entire root, it can regrow and continue to spread.

When woodsorrel has flowered and gone to seed, you might cause it to spread even more if you choose to weed by hand. A post-emergent herbicide might be necessary at this point. While you can apply herbicides on your own, it’s often helpful to call a professional, like Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape to preserve the health of your lawn.

You can learn even more about Oxalis and other weeds in our Weed Library.

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