Is Ground Ivy Dangerous?

And How to Control It

Ground Ivy

Ground ivy, also known as Ceeping Charlie and glechoma hederacea, is an invasive plant that creeps along your grass. It is part of the mint family and known for its scalloped leaves, blue flowers, and distinct odor when crushed. You’ll likely find it in damp, shady areas, though it can survive in full sun.

Is Ground Ivy Dangerous?

This member of the mint family might not be dangerous to you, but it can cause severe problems with horse owners. It is toxic to horses in all forms (dried or fresh). Luckily, it has a bitter taste that deters horses, but it can be mixed in with hay supply, causing accidental poisoning.

How to Control Ground Ivy

Luckily, there are ways to manage this invasive plant, including:

  • Maintain a healthy turf that can compete and prevent weeds
  • Pull ground ivy by hand or use a special weeding tool
  • Herbicides can be used but generally as a last resort

In addition, take care to make sure you don’t make hay in fields with ground ivy and that you don’t let your horses graze there, especially when other foods are sparse.

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