Lawn Watering

How to Tell if Your Lawn Needs More Water

Lawn Watering

In Indiana, June is the month with the most rainfall. What does that mean for your grass for the rest of the summer? You might have to decide whether you may or may not need to give your yard a boost with the hose or sprinkler. How do you know? Learn all about lawn watering and how to tell if your grass needs more water.

Lawn Watering: How to Tell if Your Lawn Needs More Water

  • Abnormal apperance: A well-watered lawn typically exhibits a vibrant green color and a uniform texture. If your lawn needs more water, your grass might start to look bluish-gray or you could notice patches of brown or dry areas. (There are other causes of brown spots in your yard, so don’t forget to rule those options out, too.) Also, if the blades seem to be folded inwards, it’s likely because they aren’t getting enough moisture.
  • Footprints Remain: Walk across your lawn, and if your footprints linger for an extended period, your grass may not be springing back due to dehydration. Adequately watered grass tends to bounce back quickly after being compressed.
  • Slow Recovery: After mowing, if your lawn takes an unusually long time to recover its height, it could mean the grass is stressed and not receiving enough moisture.
  • Soil Moisture Level: Check the soil moisture level by inserting a screwdriver or soil probe into the ground. If it goes in easily and comes out moist, your lawn is well-watered. If it’s hard to insert or comes out dry, your lawn needs more water.
  • Forecasted Drought: During prolonged dry periods, you might notice that your lawn starts to lose its vibrant color and appears lackluster. While you might be tempted to reach for the hose, be sure to research your area’s policy of water usage during a drought.

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