Mosquito Control and Why it is Important


Every summer homeowners deal with the same issue, the nuisance of mosquitoes when they want to enjoy the outdoors during the warm summer nights. Just about any source of water can breed mosquitoes. Individual houses may have populations of mosquitoes due to standing water on their property. Mosquitos live in water until they become adults. Places like kid pools, water tables, bird baths, and ponds are perfect places for these mosquitoes to breed and live until they become adults.

According to the Purdue University Extension publication Using Backpack Mist Blowers to Control Adult Mosquitoes, mosquitoes can fly long distances to find shelter from predators and food sources. Mosquitoes are looking for harborage sites to protect themselves from the environment and predators. These sites include storm drains, eaves on houses, and undersides of porches and decks. Houses that contain these items and/or standing water are perfect places for mosquitos to take up residency. Mosquitoes will not live in freshly mowed grass or on concrete. Treating these areas is not beneficial.

To help control the mosquito population in your yard the first step is to make sure there is no standing water for a long period of time. Make sure you are emptying out kid pools/water tables daily and cleaning out bird baths twice a week. This will help stop the breeding of the mosquitoes. You can also contact Shades of Green Lawn and Landscaping to come treat your property. We will spray under the foliage and other areas where they are sleeping during the day. Mosquitoes are active from dusk to dawn and so we will treat them while they are sleeping in the harborage sites.

Our mosquito treatments are $85.00 a treatment and we recommend a treatment every 45 days. To get on our schedule for our mosquito program please go online or call the office at 765-771-9998. We would love to work with you to continue to reduce the mosquito population so you can enjoy your yard on these warm summer nights.