Natural Weed Control Options


When you go into a home and garden store, you’ll find shelves lined with products meant to keep your lawn free of weeds and take care of your current foes. Before you reach for a bottle or bag that promises results, consider these natural weed control options, too.

Natural Weed Control Options

Keep your grass healthy

When your grass is healthy, it has a tight net of roots that don’t provide space for other plants, like weeds, to thrive. You can help your grass thrive by:

  • Watering well
  • Reseeding patchy spots
  • Aerating your soil
  • Checking your lawn’s pH (and adjusting where necessary)

Mow the right way

The way you mow impacts your lawn’s health. Avoid cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time, which prevents excessive damage. And keeping your lawn a little taller can even help weed out the shorter weeds by depriving them of sunlight.

If your lawn is already covered in flowering weeds, be aware your mowing might even help them spread more, shooting seeds around as you mow.

Manually weed

Weeding by hand or with a tool is an easy natural weed control method, as long as you aren’t dealing with too many foes. Be sure to dig up the entire root because some weeds are able to regrow if just a small shoot is left. And be extra careful when weeds have gone to seed because your good efforts may spread around more weeds instead of helping.

We Know Weeds.

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