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DIY Nutsedge Control

DIY Nutsedge Control

How You Can Get Rid of Nutsedge

Yellow nutsedge is an invasive weed that needs to be treated before tubers spread underground. Learn how you can DIY this weed control.

How to Get Rid of Stripe Smut

How to Get Rid of Stripe Smut

Treatment and Prevention

Stripe smut causes brown patches all around your lawn and can kill your grass by the end of a hot summer. Learn how you can treat and prevent this lawn disease.

Rodent Entry Points: How They Get Inside

Rodent Entry Points

How They Get Inside

In the winter, rodents come into your home in search of warmth, safety, and food. Find out how they get inside.

Some people like the look of oxalis and leave it alone. If you're not one of them, use these tips to get rid of the weed.

Winter Lawn Care: Your To-Do List

Winter Lawn Care

What You Need to Do to Prepare Your Lawn

Now that the weather has cooled, your lawn's requirements have greatly reduced, but there are still a few things left to do. Here's what should be on your winter lawn care to-do list.

Are moles making your lawn unsightly? Learn how you can take back control of your backyard with these mole control tips.