Pest Control Solutions

One More Thing to be Thankful For this Season

It’s the time of year many focus on what they’re thankful for. With the weather turning colder, many lawn pests may be thankful for the warmth and protection your yard and home provide. With the right pest control solutions in place, you can be thankful you don’t have to deal with certain infestations.

Pest Control Solutions

There seems to be countless pest control products that claim to deter bugs and other wildlife. Some may list natural ingredients, but most contain some sort of chemical combination. Since these pests originate outdoors, there are ways to help make your yard less desirable in the first place. 

  1. Uncover hideouts. Some pests are simply looking for a safe place to hide. If it happens to be close to your home, they’re likely to find themselves indoors, especially if they can access cracks and larger openings. If you have large trees in your yard, large mammals may be attracted to the coverage. However, even small trees and shrubs can provide enough cover, especially if it’s overgrown. Keep these plants trim and away from your home to decrease the chances of pests hiding out and wandering inside. Also be aware that wood piles, rock gardens, dirt piles, and playhouses are also places a pest may decide to camp out given the opportunity.
  2. Physical barriers. Most pests are able to fly or crawl and enter your home through small crevices. Seal any cracks around windows, doors, or openings around the garage, shed, and attic. Reinforce larger gaps with steel wool and caulk. If the area requires venting—like roofs—install wire mesh to allow air flow.
  3. Don’t feed the pests. Bugs and wildlife are looking for food, especially if they’re gearing up for overwintering somewhere. You can take your trash off the menu by keeping garbage bins tightly sealed and not keeping pet food outside.

If the pests end up venturing indoors, you can try one of the many control products found at your local garden store. Many of these formulas target a specific pest, from the smallest ant to larger rodents.

Professional Pest Services

If you’ve tried these methods but are still finding pests in and around your home, thankfully there’s another option. Contact Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape for a professional opinion. After an evaluation of your home and the type of pest you’re dealing with, our specialists can help you find the best control solution. A pest-free home is one more thing you can be grateful for this season.