Signs of Grubs

Do You Have This Pest?

signs of lawn grubs

When you think of the plants and pests that can infest your lawn, you probably first think of the ones you can see. Weeds, critters, and ants are among the most obvious answers. What if you were to think a little deeper—into the soil, that is. You would discover grubs are some of the most destructive of all lawn pests. Learn the signs of grubs to help you address a problem before it’s too late.

Signs of Lawn Grubs

Your grass is discolored, unhealthy, and dying. There are many things that can cause brown spots to appear in your lawn. Grubs can be one of the reasons because they eat roots and weaken your grass, causing it to eventually die.

Roots are weak and you can pick up chumps of grass. As the grubs destroy the roots of your grass, your grass will no longer have a secure connection to the soil. If you grab a handful of grass blades and the grass, roots, and a bit of soil peel up like carpet, you might have lawn grubs.

There are more critters on your lawn than usual. Grubs do have natural rodent predators that will come to your yard to feed. Unfortunately, these rodents can cause even more trouble for you and won’t solve your grub problem. Natural predators include skunks, raccoons, and moles, all of which will damage your yard in the process. Birds will eat grubs as well, and they tend to peck your yard in a way that isn’t as harmful as the other predators.

You dig and find multiple grubs. If the previous signs sound familiar, it’s time to take a closer look underground. Get a shovel and dig a 1′ x 1′ square at least 4″ deep. If you find 10 or more grubs in this area, you have an infestation that needs treatment right away.

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