Signs of Japanese Beetle Infestations

And Signs of Grubs

signs of a Japanese beetle infestation

Japanese beetles are common pests found in Indiana. They aren’t just a problem as adults—their larvae can cause severe damage to your lawn, too. Learn the signs of Japanese beetle infestations and how to tell if you are dealing with their larvae.

Signs of Japanese Beetle Infestations

  • Seeing a Japanese Beetle. Adult Japanese beetles are easy to spot. Simply look at the plants that are being attacked, and you might find these shiny beetles munching.
  • Finding plant damage. These insects eat the plant fiber of plant leaves. Their munching results in lacy-looking, skeletonized leaves, leaving only the veins.
  • Seeing flying pests. Adult beetles can be seen flying around the garden as they feed on your foliage.

Signs of Japanese Beetle Grubs

Grubs are white, C-shaped creatures that have soft bodies and legs near their head. Signs you might be dealing with a problem include:

  • Brown patches on your lawn that don’t turn green
  • Irregularly shaped dead patches
  • Increased presence animals like birds, skunks, armadillos, raccoons, and moles, who eat grubs and will tear up your lawn to find them
  • Turf that feels spongey

How to check for Grubs

  1. Use a spade to cut out square-foot sections of turf about two-to-four inches deep. Choose several locations, especially any that seem to be less healthy than the majority of the lawn.
  2. Pull back the turf to expose the soil below and look for grubs.
  3. Count how many you see in each patch. Less than five grubs per square foot is considered acceptable and not indicative of a bigger problem. If you see more than five grubs, you should consider grub control services.
  4. Replace the grass patches and water well.

Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape Knows How to Handle Japanese Beetle Infestations.

In order to prevent a Japanese beetle infestation, you have to take care of the grubs that might be lurking under your grass. Whether you have brown spots and suspect larvae or you see the beetles munching on your leaves, Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape is the team to eliminate your Japanese beetle infestation. Call us today at 765-771-9998 to get your lawn the perfect shade of green.