All About Dandelions

Identification, Solution, and Prevention

Spring Tasks to Keep Weeds Away

Weeds don’t belong anywhere in your lawn, but there is something different between a turf-like, green weed that camouflages in color and a broadleaf weed like dandelions that stick out like sore thumbs. Today, we’re talking all about dandelions to help you understand the easily identified weed that interrupts your pristine lawn.

Weed Spotlight: All About Dandelions


Dandelions are one of the most iconic weeds. This weed starts with a bright yellow head that turns into a white, spherical seed head known as blowballs or clocks. The seeds are easily carried away in the wind—or when a child blows to make a wish—making it a very efficient spreader.


Dandelions are tough to treat because they can spread via seed when they get carried away in the wind or through root. If you pull the weed up, you need to get out the entire root system because any fraction of the taproot that remains will regenerate. Herbicides can also be used to kill dandelions. While choosing the manual option is the safest for your grass, dandelions are resilient and multiply easily, taking a chemical approach gives you more reliable results. It’s especially important to use herbicides if it has matured because you might accidentally help the spread.


Dandelions are tough because you don’t just have to worry about your own lawn! If your neighboring lawn is dealing with this weed, you will likely get them, too. Like all weeds, having a healthy lawn is one of the best ways to prevent dandelions on your lawn. Get your grass in dandelion-fighting shape by:

  • Watering well
  • Reseeding patchy spots
  • Aerating your Soil
  • Checking your lawn’s pH level

Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape Knows All About Dandelions and Other Weeds

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