What Type of Grass Do You Have?


When you plant a new flower, shrub, or tree in your yard, do you do your research first? You probably look up how much sun it should get, how much water, and if fertilizer is necessary. Do you do the same for your grass? There are different types that can make up your lawn, and identifying them can help you have a healthier yard. So, what type of grass do you have?

Types of Grass

Bentgrasses is often found on golf course putting greens, this high-maintenance turf has fine, slender, flat leaves with membranous ligules.

Kentucky Bluegrass is soft and resilient with V-shaped blades and canoe-pointed tips, resulting in a darker green lawn.

Perennial Ryegrass is a low-growing turf with shiny, stiff blades, pointed tips, sharp creases, visible veins, and broad collars. This type of grass creates a soft, dark-green lawn.

Rough Bluegrass has soft, narrow blades with canoe-shaped tips. This grass lies flat in one direction, creating a fine-textured, yellow-green lawn. Watch out, though! This grass turns brown in summer if not watered enough.

Tall Fescue has wide blads and is green to dark green. You can easily identify it by its conspicuous veins, rough edges, ridged surface, and smooth underside.

Fine Fescues tends to remain green from season to season. This type of grass has thin, folded blades and dull green-gray coloring and creates a very soft lawn.

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