What’s the Right Mowing Height for Your Lawn?

It Comes Down to What Type of Grass You Have

Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn is luscious, healthy, and ready for a mowing. But if you don’t mow the right way, you might cause health problems for your lawn, ruining that lovely carpet-like feel. The right mowing height comes down to what type of grass you have.

Right Mowing Height for Your Type of Grass

The general rule of thumb is to never cut more than 1/3 of the blade of grass. So, if your grass is 3″H, don’t cut more than 1″. But, the type of grass you have is also key because it can help you determine the ideal mowing height for your lawn. You can check out our grass type guide here. Once you have identified your grass type, refer to the chart below for its ideal mowing height:

  • Fine fescue: 1-½ to 4 inches high
  • Kentucky bluegrass: ¾ to 3-½ inches high
  • Perennial ryegrass: ¾ to 2-½ inches high
  • Tall fescue: 1-½ to 4 inches high”

We advise setting your mowing height to the high end of the range it suggests because it can help weed as low-ground weeds.

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