When Is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

When You Should Plan to Complete This Task

When Is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

As the name suggests, aeration is the process of aerating your soil by pulling plugs out of your lawn or using a chemical solution that loosens the soil evenly. This is important because after a year of rain and use, your lawn is probably suffering from compaction, which will prevent your grass from thriving in the springtime. When you aerate, you are exposing the soil to air and creating little pockets of openings. It’s a great time to seed your lawn because the seeds are able to find a secure spot down in the soil to take root. This will allow your yard to have that luscious, thick carpet look come spring. Learn the best time to aerate your lawn to make the most of your efforts.

When Is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

Aerating in The Fall

The fall is the best time of the year to aerate your lawn. That’s because you can set your lawn up for wintertime success and prevent compaction. Plus, the seeds have time to germinate and go dormant until the spring so you can enjoy a luscious lawn when the weather warms again.

The Second-Best Time: Spring

If you couldn’t get around to your aeration task in the fall, you can also find success by doing so in the spring. It will alleviate the compaction caused by winter weather and still give your lawn time to green up by the beginning of summer.

We Know the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn in Indiana

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