Why Is My Grass Turning Brown?

4 Reasons Your Lawn Might Be Turning Brown

Why Are There Brown Spots on My Lawn?

What happened to your vibrant green lawn!? If you take great pride in your yard, it can be stressful to see its health and appearance suddenly shift. Learn the reasons why your grass might be turning brown.

Why Is My Grass Turning Brown?

  1. Not enough water. In some areas, rain is a sufficient way to water your lawn. If this isn’t providing enough water, you need to supplement. We recommend long soakings once or twice a week over a daily sprinkle of water. A good soak should make your lawn bounce back quickly.
  2. Too much sun. Yes, there can be too much of a good thing. Too much sun can be the cause of your lawn turning brown. This is referred to as heat-burn or sun-scorching. You will probably notice patches around your entire lawn where it gets the most sunlight. Give your grass a long soaking of water and time to heal.
  3. Grubs. This pest is the larvae form of Japanese beetles. They much on grass roots, causing areas of your lawn to die quickly. Dig a small patch and look for plump, c-shaped insects around the root zone. If you have them, treatment is needed as soon as possible before they kill off your entire lawn.
  4. Disease. Brown Patch is a disease caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia, and it can show up seemingly overnight. A fungicidal treatment will be needed to get rid of it.

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