Lawn Care Frequently Asked Questions

Lafayette, Indiana and Surrounding Areas

  • Can I switch my lawn care package at any time?

    Yes! You can switch your package at any time. However, it is recommended to stay with your program for a year to achieve best results. You can also upgrade services such as aerations and overseeding mid-season.

  • Are your pest control measures pet-friendly?

    Of course! The chemicals used to control pests are totally harmless to traditional pets, such as cats and dogs. The pest control chemical is known as a neonicotinoid, which targets a neurological pathway only found in insects.

  • When does my yard need to be fertilized?

    Ideally, you should “spoon-feed” your lawn throughout the year every 4-6 weeks. Different times of the year require different amounts of fertilizer. Those amounts are taken into consideration with our lawn programs.

  • Do you provide more traditional lawn services like mowing or trimming?

    At this time, we only offer mowing services to customers who purchase lawn care packages.

  • Why is aeration important to my yard?

    Aeration is one of the most important practices in lawn care. The main goal with aeration is to relieve soil compaction. This allows for better, healthier root development which is the foundation of a healthy lawn. Another benefit of an aerated lawn is it will be easier for the soil to absorb rain and moisture, allowing the lawn to endure drought-like conditions easier. A good rule of thumb is one aeration service a year is maintaining, while 2 aeration services a year is improving soil conditions.

  • How do you exterminate fleas and ticks?

    We spray the entire lawn with an insecticide, which is a liquid application that gives wall-to-wall control. It is safe for pets, and there is 0% chance of harm once the lawn is dry.

  • Is the anti-grub treatment safe for other animals in my yard?

    Yes! The grub treatment is a granular application. This means it will dissolve into the soil, and protect the lawn against grubs. Even prior to dissolving, there is no risk of harm to pets or other animals.

  • Does Perimeter Pest Control keep all bugs out of my yard?

    Perimeter Pest Control is actually a service that keeps bugs out of your home. We spray a barrier three feet up on the house and three feet away from the foundation. This keeps new insects from coming into the home, however, if there are existing bugs in the home, it won’t eliminate them.

  • How should I decide on core or liquid aeration?

    The decision between core and liquid aeration is decided by convenience. A liquid aeration is a great service for anyone who has an invisible dog fence or an irrigation system. It is a liquid applied application that as it soaks through the soil, it separates minerals and elements that are tied to the soil, creating micro-tears in the soil. This results in deeper root penetration, allowing the lawn to receive nutrients that were once unavailable. We recommended receiving a liquid aeration treatment in the spring, and then an aeration-overseeding in the fall, which is done as a core aeration.

  • When is the best time to have my lawn seeded?

    According to Purdue University’s Turfgrass Science Department, the optimum time to seed a lawn is between August 15 and September 15—late summer through early Fall.

  • Do you provide lawn care year-round?

    Our lawn care services start in the beginning of March and go through November.

  • Do you provide service to areas outside of Lafayette, Indiana?

    Yes! Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape Inc. provides service to Kokomo, Monticello, Attica, Williamsport, Rossville, and Mulberry.