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Take Your Lawn Care to New Heights

ShrubsA well-maintained lawn is more than just a few inches off the ground. In fact, your tree and shrub vitality speaks volumes about the health of your lawn overall, and these plants should be eye-catchers, not eyesores. Our tree and shrub care services focus on the health of the plants, setting them up for continued growing success.

We target and control both infestations and diseases based on your lawn’s current and expected activity. Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape offers plant healthcare to all species affected by many common pests and diseases, including:

  • Japanese beetles
  • Chestnut blight
  • Thousand cankers disease
  • Walnut twig beetles
  • Apple scab
  • Summer patch
  • Emerald ash borer
  • Elm disease
  • Heart rot
  • And more

All services are priced per application and are only need-based unless prior history of pest or disease is expressed.

Signs of Concern for Tree & Shrub Health

  • Leaves and branches falling and dying suddenly
  • Tunnels in the bark of the tree
  • Cankers around the trunk
  • Stains on leaves
  • Root collars
  • Significant presence of pests
  • Leaves that yellow (at the wrong time of year)
  • Small holes in the trunk
  • Fungus around the trunk
  • Significant amount of mushrooms near the base of trunk

Don’t Delay. Call Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape for Tree & Shrub Care.

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