Mole Control

MoleJust like you, moles enjoy spending time in the garden. Unlike you, they’d rather uproot plants and bulbs, leaving your plants to die. Moles wreak havoc on your lawn and garden, disturbing a peaceful green carpet and digging up delicate flowers as they make their tunnels. We have a mole control program to help keep your lawn beautiful, healthy, and free of moles.

Signs of a Mole Infestation

Tunnels: This underground path for moles is oven visible above ground as raised areas of grass.

Molehills: These little piles of dirt are made as moles dig dirt away from their tunnel

Uprooted plants: While moles dig, they uproot flowers and other delicate plants, creating an unhealthy growing environment.

Do you have a mole or vole? One way to distinguish the two is by taking a close look at your plants. While moles sometimes snack on your garden, they prefer insects. Voles, on the other hand, will eat plant roots, bulbs, and even tree bark.

Mole Control

There are a few ways to get moles to vacate your premises.

  • Eliminate their food: pests.
  • Trap them.
  • Call Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape at 765-771-9998 for our custom mole repellent spray.

Mole Control Free Quote

Contact a Mole Control Specialist

Contact Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape at 765-771-9998 for a free evaluation by one of our trained mole control experts.

We will evaluate your mole control needs and will keep you informed throughout the process.

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