Leaf Spot

Type: This term encompasses any number of fungal, bacterial, or viral plant diseases that cause leaves to develop discolored spots.

Appearance: As the name suggests, spots appear on leaves. In wet conditions, the spots may run together. In dry conditions, it tends to leave a speckled appearance.

Risk: Many members of the prunus family are susceptible to leaf spot, as are vegetables and flowering plants.

Timing: Leaf spot is most active when there is plenty of moisture and the temperature is warm, like during the summer months.

How to Control Leaf Spot


During the warmer months, be mindful of your watering. Overhead sprinklers that leave water on the leaves instead of at the roots may provide sufficient moisture for bacteria to thrive if the disease is picked up by the wind. Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather, and it may spread simply by rain and wind, so use these tips:

  • Keep the soil under plants clean and free of weeds and fallen fruit
  • Mulch generously
  • Prune or stake plants to improve air circulation
  • Disinfect pruning equipment to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Make sure the seeds you choose are from spot-free stock


There is no treatment for leaf spot, so your only option is to make sure your preventative measures are adequate.

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