Snow Mold

Type: Fungus, disease

Fungal Pathogen: Typhula or Typhula blight

Appearance: Snow mold appears as gray/white patches of mycelium, generally concentrated in circles 3” to 12”Diam, though sometimes they overlap. The grass inside the circles may have rust-colored sclerotia.

Risk: Bentgrass and annual bluegrass are at highest risk. Also, areas with excessive thatch, poor drainage, and high soil moisture often become infected.

Timing: Snow mold damages or kills grass after snow melts, so it appears in the late winter. It can survive throughout summer months underground or in plant debris.

Outlook: It generally only impacts the blades of the grass, so even if it seems severe, your grass is likely to bounce back from an infection.

How to Control Snow Mold


Fungicide applications are used to control snow mold. Chemical treatments should be completed in late fall before the first snowfall.

Fall mowing is essential for snow mold control. Keep grass about 2-1/2”H to 3”H; any taller and you set it up to become matted during snowfall. Healthy mowing tips include:

  • Mow early in the day, ideally mid- to late-morning. The temperatures should still be cool, but the morning dew should have dried by the time you start.
  • Put less stress on your grass by mowing in opposite directions each week.
  • Abide by the 1/3 rule: set your mower to a cutting height that removes no more than 1/3 of the grass blade.
  • Sharpen your lawn mower’s blade at least once a season. Dull blades can shred grass blades rather than cleanly cutting it, which weakens the grass and makes it more vulnerable to disease.

If snow mold is a severe problem for your lawn, you may want to consider planting a grass that is less susceptible to this disease.


In the spring, any action that disturbs the matted turf is beneficial. This may be raking, mowing, or aerating.

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