signs of lawn grubs

Grubs are the larvae of beetles (most commonly Japanese beetles). They hatch from their eggs 2 to 4 weeks after being laid in July and begin to feed almost immediately, meaning damage will show up soon after. Full-grown grubs are approximately 2” in length and are white in color, developing a darker tail end as they mature.

Signs of a Grub Infestation

Grubs eat your grass roots, leaving brown, wilting grass in irregularly shaped patches throughout your lawn.

If you suspect grubs are behind your turf troubles, simply dig a few inches down and pull back a piece of turf. Because grubs eat the roots, your grass might peel back like new sod, or you’ll spot a few.

What Causes a Grub Infestation?

Japanese beetles look for a safe place to lay their eggs. Your healthy, luscious lawn looks like a great oasis for food and safety.

How Can You Get Rid of Grubs?

Seek treatment for a grub infestation as soon as you think that’s what is ailing your lawn. The damage grubs do is irreversible, so the dead patches in your lawn will simply need to be reseeded.

A granular insecticide can be used, and it should be applied to the damaged patches. As always, use these products according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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