Lady Beetles

Lady Beetles

Lady beetles, also known as ladybugs or ladybird beetles, are usually red or orange with the iconic black markings, though some are black with red markings.

Are Lady Beetles Beneficial?

Yes! They are considered one of the most beneficial predatory insects because they feed on aphids (a very small, but very destructive pest that feeds on plants), mites, small insects, and insect eggs. This means ladybugs help save crops from other greedy pests.

What Causes a Lady Beetle Infestation?

Ladybugs follow the food. If you suddenly find a significant amount of the beetle, you are probably dealing with a completely different pest. You can thank them later for pointing out your potential problem!

If they come into your home, they might have gotten confused after hibernating in your siding for the winter and gone in the wrong direction when it was time to wake up. Your house probably isn’t the best environment for them, anyway, because they prefer moist places with food (of course!).

How Can You Get Rid of Ladybugs?

If you have a couple of ladybug visitors, you shouldn’t be alarmed. You can simply set them outside yourself to have tiny helpers in your garden, or use a vacuum to clear them from your home.

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