When people think about the creepy-crawlies they don’t want in their home, spiders tend to make the top of the list. We have some news for you: everyone has house spiders. No matter how neat you keep your home, there will always be some lurking. It’s not a reflection of you or necessarily a bad thing because many spiders eat other pests. The house spider generally isn’t a problem, but there are other spiders that are generally found outside and you need to keep an eye out for.

Are Spiders dangerous?

They certainly can be, though most pose no threat to you. Those that are capable of biting are likely not aggressive and will only attack if they feel immediately threatened. Their first defense is running away. They’re actually very scared of you!

Black Widow: A black widow bite is very painful, and you’ll know something bit you even if you don’t see a spider. Look for two fang puncture marks in an area that becomes red and swollen. You might also get muscle cramps, stomach pain, tremors, weakness, nausea, and chest pain.

Brown Recluse: Most bites happen when people accidentally step on a brown recluse or roll on them in bed. The bites are painful and can cause lesions, nausea, and fever.

Some spider bites can be treated at home, but it is always safest to at least give a medical professional a call. If there are ever signs of an allergic reaction or of distress in other parts of the body, like elevated heart rates or headaches, seek out medical attention immediately.

Do You Need a Professional for a Spider Infestation?

Most spider sightings are not indicative of needing professional help. Every home has spiders, some just have better hiders than others. Spiders generally do not require professional help, but here are a few signs you need to contact us:

  • You see more spiders than usual, as this can be a sign of a bigger pest problem.
  • You see an increasing number of dangerous spiders.

Need Help with Spiders?

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