Wild Violet

Wild Violet

Type: Weed

Appearance: During the spring, wild violets produce purple, white, or bi-colored flowers. In the summer, it produces a different kind of flower that stays below the leaves or underground that protects the seeds from being mowed away. (Good for the weed, bad for you!)

Risk: This weed is typically founded in shaded areas with moist soil.

Timing: They appear during the springtime. Even though they prefer moist weather, they are drought-tolerant and will survive the heat of summer.

Outlook: Wild violet is difficult to control. The root systems are dense, competing with your grass roots.

How to Control Wild Violet


Wild violets spread by seed and underground stems. You can use a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring and fall. You can keep wild violet out your lawn with good lawn care practices, including:

  • Watering Well: Your grass needs adequate water to thrive. It prefers long soakings about two to three times weekly instead of daily watering, depending on the rain levels from the week.
  • Reseeding patchy spots: Grass roots go deep into the ground and take up a lot of space, taking away the valuable real estate weeds need to thrive.
  • Aerating Your Soil: Soil compaction keeps air and water from reaching the deeper levels of soil where grass roots grow, so only plants that grow nearer to the surface, like weeds, can thrive.
  • Checking Your Lawn’s pH Level: If your soil’s pH level isn’t neutral (about 7.0), your grass doesn’t have the right environment to thrive, but weeds might. To balance the pH level, your soil may also need applications of lime.


This weed is difficult to treat. It is best to use a herbicide in the fall, as the plant will move herbicides to the root system as it tries to grab nutrients to get through winter.

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