DIY Nutsedge Control

How You Can Get Rid of Nutsedge

Nutsedge Control

Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) is a difficult-to-control weed found in grass. Before you can eliminate this weed, it’s important to know more about it. Read on to learn about nutsedge and how you can get rid of it.

Other Names: Nutgrass, watergrass, chufa

Type: Weed

Appearance: This weed’s leaves are bright green and have a waxy appearance. You can spot them in your yard because the stems are triangular in cross-section and not rounded like grass. Plus, it grows faster than your grass, so it might poke up taller than the rest of your turf. If left untreated and given the chance to grow freely without mowing, it will develop feathery, umbrella-like flower clusters.

Risk: Most of the time, you’ll find it in low spots and high moisture areas that don’t drain properly. Think about those areas in your yard where puddles show up after heavy rain. However, it can be found in drier sites, so don’t discount the possibility that you are dealing with nutsedge in different areas.

Timing: You’ll notice plants appearing in the late spring to early summer.

Outlook: The longer you wait to treat for yellow nutsedge, the harder it will be to get rid of it.

DIY Nutsedge Control

Tubers are able to live dormant underground for up to three years, so you might be dealing with more yellow nutsedge than you know. That makes it even more crucial to take care of nutsedge as soon as you see a problem. Here are some DIY control options:

  • Pull the plants when they are young. This is a quick, cosmetic fix. It will not remove the underground nutlets, so it is not a cure.
  • Use a herbicide. Your best option is to use herbicides and spot-treat for nutsedge. Apply the treatment in the late spring to early summer to kill them before they begin forming new tubers. As always, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper herbicide use.
  • Take good care of your lawn. A healthy lawn is able to better weed out a weed invasion. Water well, reseed patchy spots, aerate your soil, and check your lawn’s pH levels.

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