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Seeding lawnThe Power of the Seed

Taking a stroll through your lawn, you decide to take a look at how your grass is doing this year. There’s nothing quite like sinking your feet into a lush, green lawn—soft, healthy, and…was that a bare patch? You look up to see more bare and brown patches where there should be a continuous carpet of green grass. Looks like you’re in the market for some professional seeding services in Lafayette, IN.

Getting Back the Thick Grass You Remember

You may be wondering why the rich, plush lawn you had last year has lost its luster. While there may be one major culprit, you’re most likely dealing with multiple underlying issues coming together to wreak havoc on your once luscious turf.

Insect damage from grubs, and weak, thin grass can combine to create a large feat for your yard to overcome. With help from our experts, experienced in turfgrass science, we can provide the following benefits to improve your yard:

  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Minimize thatch accumulation
  • Improve turf density
  • Removing brown and bare patches
  • Repair damage from grubs and insects

For the best results, combine our seeding and aeration services to perforate your lawn and give seedlings and roots easy pathways for air and water to sink through.

Seeding Programs

AO-1 Core Aeration w/ 2.5lb Seed Rate

A single pass aeration coupled with a seeding rate of 2.5 pounds is specifically designed for established lawns that display patchy thinness. Our seed not only bolsters the lawn’s resistance to drought and heat but is also endophyte enhanced, meaning it naturally contains beneficial fungi. These fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the grass, improving nutrient absorption and pest resistance. The new seed is meticulously selected to ensure it blends seamlessly with the existing grass variety, fostering a robust, uniformly dense lawn.

AO-2 Double Core w/ 5lb Seed Rate

A double pass aeration paired with a substantial 5-pound seed rate is ideal for less established lawns that might be struggling with bare patches, hard clay, or soil compaction, or are generally thin across larger areas. By conducting two thorough aeration passes, we effectively fracture the compact soil, significantly enhancing air, nutrient, and water penetration. This process not only facilitates deeper root growth but also ensures a more vigorous and resilient grass establishment, transforming sparse and struggling lawns into lush, healthy landscapes.

AO-3 Triple Aeration w/ 7.5lb Seed Rate

Our triple pass aeration, complemented by a generous 7.5-pound seed rate, stands as the premier choice for homeowners settling into newly constructed residences or for those whose lawns have recently undergone significant soil disruption. This intensive approach is particularly effective in counteracting the soil compaction typically associated with construction activities. The triple aeration meticulously perforates the soil, fostering optimal conditions for seed implantation and deep root establishment. This process not only invigorates soil structure and health but also accelerates the transformation of your lawn into a dense, flourishing, and resilient green space.

AquaMaxx – Treated Seed

The perfect custom seed-blend for central Indiana by Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape

  • Full load of load of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous on each seed.
  • Soluble Phosphorous, readily available for plant and root uptake.
  • Organic Acids that feed microbes in soil, creating stronger / deeper root system.
  • Surfactants that act like wetting agents. Holds water where seeds need it.
  • Kelp Extracts and Humic Acids help feed soil.
  • Phosphoric Acid, which prevents diseases from attacking new seedlings.

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aquamaxx comparison

{Left} With groSMART – Day 30, {Right} Without groSMART – Day 30

A Thicker Lawn With Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape

Look no further than Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape to get or renew that gorgeous, green grass you’ve been striving for. Your lawn is one-of-a-kind, which is why our experts take the care to match your grass species to create uniformity in your yard. With our scientific approach, we can give you that thicker shade of green you’ve had your eye on!

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