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A green, healthy lawn is a must-have for those days you’d rather be outside. But a green lawn doesn’t happen on its own. It needs nutrition—and rescuing from those pesky life-sucking weeds. Our fertilizing and weed control services make the difference between having a lush, green lawn, and a yard full of brown patches.


To get the most out of your lawn, you need to protect it. Your lawn is a living thing, and it needs nutrition. Fertilization is like giving your lawn a good meal. Just like the vitamins you take to stay healthy, professional fertilization gives your lawn those crucial nutrients that help it achieve that fresh, green luster that makes your yard the place to be.

There’s more to fertilizing than simply throwing pellets about. The wrong treatment method can actually harm your lawn. That’s why we apply fast and slow-release fertilizers in order to control the flow of nutrients, so your lawn gets what it needs, when it needs it.

Weed Control

Another part of good nutrition is protection from parasites. Just how your body needs defending from germs, your lawn needs protection from weeds. As your lawn seeks out nutrients from the soil, so do weeds. With the limited amount of root space containing precious resources, your yard can become patchy, brown, and unpleasant to be on. Take control of your lawn’s health with our weed control services in Lafayette, IN.

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