Taking Care of Your Lawn This Winter

What You Can Do When the Weather Is Cold

Taking Care of Your Lawn This Winter

Winter is coming, and while you may be focused on prepping your home to keep out the cold weather, don’t forget about your lawn! Taking care of your lawn in the winter gives it the best chance of thriving when the warmer months roll around. Learn about taking care of your lawn this winter so your yard is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws its way this season.

Taking Care of Your Lawn This Winter

Prevent Compaction

One of the most important things you can do for your lawn this winter is prevent compaction. Compaction occurs when heavy objects or even people walk over an area a lot. The ground gets hard and dense, and air pockets are lost which prevents water from seeping into soil and getting to the roots of plants. To avoid compaction, try to create paths through your yard that will direct foot traffic away from delicate areas. You can also spread mulch or gravel on heavily trafficked areas to keep them from becoming too compacted.

Remove Debris

Leaves are lovely in autumn but not so much in wintertime! During fall, leaves accumulate quickly and can smother grass if left unchecked. Rake up any fallen leaves regularly throughout fall, as well as twigs and other debris that may have gathered during the growing season. Removing these items allows light to filter through to grass during winter so it doesn’t die off from lack of sunlight exposure.

Fertilize Wisely

Fertilizing in winter isn’t always necessary but if you choose to fertilize, make sure you do it wisely! It’s a good idea to use slow-release fertilizers with low nitrogen content because nitrogen encourages growth which isn’t ideal when temperatures are low outside. Applying fertilizer in late fall is usually best since it will give your lawn plenty of time to absorb nutrients before spring arrives.

Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape Can Be Taking Care of Your Lawn This Winter.

Taking care of your lawn is important year-round, so you can set your lawn up for even more success when you hire a local lawn care company like Shades of Green Lawn & Landscape. Call us today at 765-771-9998 to learn how we can show your lawn some love every season.