Winter Lawn Care

What You Need to Do to Prepare Your Lawn

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

The tough season for lawn care has come to a close, but you’re not quite done with your responsibilities yet. Here’s what should be on your winter lawn care to-do list.

Winter Lawn Care To-Do List

Fertilize and Aerate

Before the first frost, you should give your lawn an aeration and fertilizer treatment. It will help replace the nutrients that have been lost over the busy growing season. If you’ve already missed your chance, it is worth the application if the ground isn’t frozen.

Aeration in the compacted areas will improve drainage and allow air to move freely into the root system, which is especially important for your grass when compaction is common in the winter.  This allows fertilizer and seed to deposit deep into the ground. It will even stay in the soil all winter long so you have a luscious lawn in the spring!

Rake Leaves and Clean up Toys and Furniture

Snow mold is particularly a problem on lawns with leaves that cover the ground and prevent the sun from drying out the moisture. And compaction is likely if you leave heavy items out during the winter, like tires, furniture, and even toys.

Be Mindful of Foot Traffic

If you follow the same path on your grass all winter long, you will likely cause compaction. While your grass and usually deal with activity, it is very sensitive during the cold months because it can freeze in that state, preventing essential air from reaching roots.

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